Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cabinets make it official!

It's finally a kitchen! This is the beginning of installing the cabinets. They're not in all the way, but definitely getting there!

We still have to install the old glass cabinets to the left of the window. They are currently on our front porch. :)

The cabinet under the window is where our "Domsjo" farm sink will go from IKEA.

The spot to the right of the window will be where the dishwasher will go and the fridge right next to the dw. The cabinet on the floor will go over the fridge and the panel leaning against the wall will run along side the fridge to give it a "built-in" look.

On another note, Joe from Artisan Concrete Solutions sealed our fireplace with the same sealer he finished the floor with. Looks great huh?


  1. Lookin' good? No. It's lookin' GREAT! Even though you're not finished installing the kitchen cabinets and appliances I can 'see' your vision Natalie! Can't wait for more posts of your progress.

    A happy, healthy, prosperous 2010!

  2. WOW, that looks amazing! Those cabinets totally rock. They look exactly like the digitally-drawn pictures. I'm so stoked to see the finished product, I know you are too!!!

  3. It is all coming together beautifully! And a fireplace in the kitchen!!
    I looked at the comments to see if Gretchen agreed w/me on the paint color choices & she did... but somehow my comment didn't get posted. I thought w/her decorator skills she would also go for those 3 colors together. Did you decide yet? My original comment was suggesting you at least try it for a while since it is already painted, then if you really don't like it you could paint over it later. I think the 3 go well together & are very soothing.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Love the cabinetry Nat! Soooo close; I can almost taste it.:)