Friday, December 18, 2009

Wintry Mix

Gretchen over at New Every AM called it when she asked if the weather would affect our move. Well, yes, it did.

Okay, if you geographer's out there know where Charlotte is, it's right near the border of S.C. and smack dab in the dark green section which also means 1-3" of rain. Obviously not ideal weather for moving, but do-able if you're desperate. We had a couple of things against us when we contemplated pushing back the move date. #1. We had to make the decision last night (when they were calling for snow) in order to cancel or keep the U-Haul 24 hours in advance otherwise we would've lost the $50.00 deposit. #2. The south is different from the north when it comes to wintry weather. We're just not as prepared and it takes people by surprise every time. People buy gallons of water, prepare for power outages, write their wills ;), etc. I know all of you Alaskan's are laughing out there, but we just didn't want to lose any potential help that might've found it more cozy to sip hot cocoa by the fire that day. #3. We wanted to sip hot cocoa by the fire that day so it kind of worked out anyway.

And now, of course, the forecast has changed from snow to rain, but that's okay. Originally, we were going to move our stuff in, set up house over the holidays and then tie up the loose ends during the next couple weeks. Now we've just switched things around to tying up the loose ends over the holidays and moving and unpacking to follow. That sounds more logical anyway right? Aside from the fact I was seriously contemplating wrapping up some of my kids old toys for Christmas that had been in storage for a year (I'm sure my 2-year old forgot about those lego's anyway :)) and all my winter clothes are still packed away, it's really not going to mess us up that bad.

Just watch a giant storm roll in on January 2nd! Ugh!


  1. Enjoy God's gift of a little rest for your family this weekend! I'm dying to see the pictures of your furniture all moved in!! Can't wait!!
    Merry Christmas Nat!

  2. sorry to hear about the weather set back......but, sounds like you guys made a wise decision. you'll be in soon and things will be more settled to start with having your kitchen in place. anxiously awaiting those pics. those stained floors look great!! ramona

  3. Ugh. I'm sorry I jinxed it. :)
    It will be SO exciting when it does happen, though!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Consider this time to recoup. We are in that PURPLE band (NJ) -- 13 inches here and still snowing!