Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paint Mistake?

It's been fun coming up with a color pallette for all the rooms of our house, but every now and then I second guess myself. This is one of those times. These are the colors in the master bedroom. We began with the white on the lapboard and loved it. Then we painted the walls a khaki color. Then, we painted the ceiling blue.

I love the blue ceiling, but I think we have too many colors going on in a small room.

I think the blue and white will stay, but the khaki might have to go. What do you think? We might just paint over the khaki and do white walls with the blue ceiling.

I pulled these pictures off of Callie's blog over at Simple Eye Design that she got from Pottery Barn. I love the look of the white bedrooms.

I've always thought that white was supposed to be boring, but I find these rooms to be anything but!

I found this image over at House Beautiful when I started looking into painting the ceiling a color. After all it is the fifth wall. :) I went a little darker with the blue because I knew our 10 foot ceilings could handle it. It's a little richer for a master bedroom I thought.

Sooooo...any thoughts? Lose the khaki? Do you like the khaki? Adam says it looks to Eddie Bauer-ish.


  1. I say go all white with a blue ceiling! I just LOVE that look. I'm dying to paint my ceilings blue!

    PS - I've really enjoyed watching y'all's progress! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I definitely think white would look great, (which I rarely like white walls), but I also like the khaki too! But with the blue ceiling, they both look good.

    With all your furniture in your room the focus isn't on the colors so much and they seem to blend in more no matter what colors they are. But now, it's all there is to focus on :)

    You're doing such a great job. I'm so impressed you guys have the time to do all of this with two small kiddos! I have no idea how we would pull it off.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I love the khaki . . . most of my house is painted khaki (the walls anyway!), but I understand what you mean about too many colors in one room. I really like the ceiling and the white together, so white all over would be totally great, but if you want to not have to re-do it at this point, I think it looks great the way it is and you can always repaint in a few years when life is (hopefully) a tad less crazy!

    Blessings and Merry Christmas to you!
    Shana from MN

  4. I think you should leave the khaki - I really love the color combo

  5. i like the blue ceiling...but is it really as dark as it looks in the photos???
    i vote for the all white walls and blue ceiling. ramona

  6. I really like the 3 color combination. I was always taught that good design used 3 colors-a primary color, like the khaki, a secondary color-like the blue, and then a little amount of an accent color, which would be the white trim.

    When we painted our house last summer, we used seafoam on the walls, alabaster as the secondary color on the trim and posts, then then we trimmed the windows and a few gingerbready parts with black. It is stunning, if I do say so myself. ;-)

    If you look at the House Beautiful shot, they also use 3 colors. I think your choices are gorgeous as they are.

  7. I think the khaki is really neutral still and definitel not too much color (unless it looks completely different in person). Even the blue is a pretty neutral blue. Although I'm sure all white with a colored ceiling would look good too, I think I'd move my stuff in and see how it looks as-is first. You can always paint it back afterward if you decide its too busy. You're doing a great job...don't doubt yourself too much! - Nicole

  8. i love it! the ceiling looks more slate-gray-blue... probably because of camera/internet. but i LOVE the combo! i can see why you would like the all-white walls- those pictures are to die for. but, as soon as i saw the colors of your master bedroom i could feel the comfy-cozy a little more than i could with the all-white. and after all, you need that room to be comfy cozy so number 3 can be in the works.

    PS i did NOT just say that on your blog. :)

  9. I LOVE the 3 colors, especially since the white walls are a different texture than the khaki. We have almost the exact same color of blue in our bedroom (a shade lighter) and we love it... so calming. We painted the tray ceiling the same color. I'm a fan of painted ceilings.

    Just my 2 cents worth. I think it looks great!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  10. I'm a little delayed in reading this/commenting but I like it the way it is...I say keep it! And then, you could always go back and paint the khaki wall white if you decide you still don't like it after you get your furniture moved in and everything is more settled.

  11. i'm way delayed but I would definitely vote for white walls!! It looks so much more chic and sleek ;) lookin' great ya'll!!!