Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorials for an Old-Fashioned Party

I know a lot of that birthday post meant nothing to you seeing a bunch of kids and people you don't know, but I wanted to remember it all. Here are a few notes for those interested about the crafts I made for the party.

Party Hats: I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Dress: I didn't do the waistband

Rhonna Designs

Darn it, I can't remember what magazine I saw them on...they're supposed to be for 4th of July and look like cherry, blueberry and lemon pies out of M&M's. I didn't follow any recipe, just copied what I saw and used a yellow cake box mix. Once baked, spoon out a little cake to make a concave hole and drop some M&M's in there being sure to flip them over so you don't see any M's. Then, frost a tic tac toe pattern on top and a circle around it and voila...a mini pie. :)

Streamers: No tutorial, I just copied.
Dear Lizzy

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Old-Fashioned Birthday Party

Our little girl turned 3 and we celebrated her birthday old-fashioned style. We held it outside in our backyard in 95 degree weather and thick humidity with 34 people all together. It was a blast, but definitely more comfortable inside than it was outside!

Most importantly, this girl had a great party with all of her besties. She's standing in front of the gift table we set up out of a great old blue door that was in our outbuilding on top of a couple sawhorses. I put those shutters behind it just for fun.
She's also modeling the dress I made for her out of a men's Polo shirt. I never could quite figure out how to make the sleeves quite right, but she was a champ and wore it anyway even though I knew she didn't like it. When I was in the process of altering, I would have her try it on and she disliked it so much she'd say, "Noooo, I can't because I have to go back to bed." (nowhere near bedtime) In the end, she was asking for it back though, so that made me feel better.

All ready for the party with her Great Aunt Pam. You can see the coffee filter pom poms and streamers that I made in the background. These were a hit with Greta. Before her nap that day, she prayed and thanked God for her flags (streamers) and her coffee pots (pom poms). Just like her mama, she loves the details! That made me feel special that she noticed.

All of the other kids were noticing this little (giant) contraption borrowed from the grandparents. It was a hit.

The dilemma in setting up was were to put it, however. I wanted it so the parents could watch the kids all in one area, near the playset and we're we were all eating in the backyard. The only problem is we don't have grass back there yet and Adam kept insisting it would turn into a mud pit. And it did.

Whoops. The bigger boys would cause tidal waves that created a giant mud hole. Look at CJ's back as he walks away.

I also made these party hats that I thought turned out so cute. Even better, most of the kids left them behind, so you'll probably be seeing these again for my son's birthday. They were an easy concept, but I made 16 just a couple hours before the party and it was a little intense trying to get them done between food prep and trying to get myself ready too.

My mother-in-law was great for watching my little guy while I was tending to all the "big" kids.

Expressing his disgust about the mud on his toes. I know, I know! I already said I'm sorry! ;)
Some of our other great family, Uncle Frank and cousins, Treacy, Grant and Alison.

Steve, Audrey and Dena sitting so cute as a family on the front porch.
Dena diving in past the kids for some candy. ;) She is eating for two though!
So glad our friend Kristen, Aaron and baby Noah got to join us too!
(l-r: Brady holding Grant, Jake, Seth, Greta, CJ, Anna Cate, Avery, Saige, Audrey)
Saige showing me her pinwheel she got to take home as a party favor.
As we were cleaning up after the party, the sun started setting over the back field and I took some pictures of the beautiful sunset.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fry Basket Reinvented

Inspired by the vintage wire baskets at Pottery Barn, and not so inpired by the $24.00 price tag, I decided to recreate the look. (Mind you, 24 bucks for a great decorating object is not that bad to me, however I needed more than one.) Love these. These are the ones from PB and I'd been looking for just the thing to house all my "above the cabinet" items. I'd been struggling with what to do with such items because heaven knows I just can't get rid of the dozens of mason jars from past canned salmons and strawberry jelly and enamelware given to me by friends and family. So there they were, cluttering up together the tops of the cabs and just.looking.plain.messy. Some people tried to cheer me up saying it looked more cottagey that way, but I couldn't give up on my plans for uniformity some how.

Enter the fry basket.

That's right, folks. For a mere $2.82 each, I found 3 fry baskets at a thrift store that got my ticker tickin'.

All I did to pretty them up was to cut two Trader Joe's bags (any paper grocery bag will do, I just like to rub it in that there's one near me :)) to line the baskets and hide all the unmentionables. And here's what we have today.

Not a great picture with the messy countertops, but you get the idea. Now, I get that much more storage and I can still use the enamelware for my daughter's "old-fashioned" birthday party this weekend when she turns 3. I'll make sure to post those pics too.

*If your nearby thrift store doesn't have weird stuff like fry baskets, try a used kitchen equipment warehouse. They sell everything from ice makers to Viking ranges and you just might find some deep fryer baskets there.