Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tutorials for an Old-Fashioned Party

I know a lot of that birthday post meant nothing to you seeing a bunch of kids and people you don't know, but I wanted to remember it all. Here are a few notes for those interested about the crafts I made for the party.

Party Hats: I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Dress: I didn't do the waistband

Rhonna Designs

Darn it, I can't remember what magazine I saw them on...they're supposed to be for 4th of July and look like cherry, blueberry and lemon pies out of M&M's. I didn't follow any recipe, just copied what I saw and used a yellow cake box mix. Once baked, spoon out a little cake to make a concave hole and drop some M&M's in there being sure to flip them over so you don't see any M's. Then, frost a tic tac toe pattern on top and a circle around it and voila...a mini pie. :)

Streamers: No tutorial, I just copied.
Dear Lizzy

Create Studio

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