Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Night!

Once a month, there's a group of girls that get together to do a craft. We have a different hostess each month who chooses, organizes and teaches the craft. So far we've done fabric rosettes, glass painting, wreaths, and this month was button bracelets!

Beautiful girls and sisters, Katie Beth and Meagan. First timers of craft night and first timers of button sewing! It's what craft night is all about! Learning stuff for the first time.
(l-r) Dena, Holly (hostess), Ezra (Dena's baby) and Tiff getting their elastic and thread ready.

The fun part of picking out the buttons. Holly had it all arranged in beautiful glasses and bowls all separated by color so you could easily pick what scheme you wanted to come up with. I don't have a picture of mine, but I did mostly gold and navy with bits of yellow.

We had about 14 girls total including 6 first-timers. So fun. The way we arranged the night was Holly had pre-bought all of the buttons on Ebay and elastic which we divided the cost and paid her accordingly, about $8.00 a piece.

The finished product! Well, at least 2 of them. If you wanted to make your own, you need about 2-inch wide elastic and about 30 buttons. Cluster them closely as you sew them on so there is little to no empty space in between. They look like they came straight from a boutique!