Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Mantle, Sitting Room and PB Wall

Flipping through the Fall Pottery Barn catalog was just the inspiration I needed to fix up our sitting room. Here's the picture that made me swoon...

Okay, and here's mine...
Ha ha. Well, it looks a bitttt different. I promise though, if I had a fancy camera like theirs, it might look a smidge more like PB. I really loved how linear all their pictures were and tried to model that, but I had such a big wall to deal with that I had to spread things out a bit. PS- that tv is only there TEMPORARILY!

Here's another copy-cat attempt...I saw these modular storage crates being sold in the catalog for about 30 bucks a piece! Well, I have a ton of old pine boards left over wall demolition and put those to good use!


And here's my fall mantle...

With a little close-up...

I still would like to add a little homemade pennant banner that says "Happy Fall" out of burlap fabric that I saw and want to copy from someone's blog and hang it from the mantel.

Here's the piano with my new chair! I'm hoping to find a cheap filing cabinet on Craigslist to put to the right of it so I can get rid of the three plastic filing boxes!
And here's my favorite spot in the house. Love this for my morning quiet times. Would love it more if I had a nearby outlet to plug in the lamp and actually see what I am reading. :) Oh! And I almost forgot to mention my new galvanized metal magazine storage. I got this one and a smaller one (pictured on the other wall) on Craigslist for 25 bucks!

Written About on!

A writer for the website,, contacted me a couple days ago to see if she could write about my Old Fashioned Birthday Party I threw for Greta, specifically the party hats I made. It's kind of cool seeing my picture on a real live website! :) You can see it here! Thanks to Megan Cooley for the shout-out! She has some great ideas for kids parties in general so I would definitely check her out next time I throw a party!