Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sampler Platter

You asked for it...you got it. This is just a taste of how the house is shaping up. I don't want you to see all the house just yet but here's how a few of the rooms are turning out.

For starters, we ended up buying this Price Pfister Arlington faucet from Lowe's for a little over $200.00. We needed a faucet with one hole so unfortunately I have no use for the soap pump. I hate to see things go wasted so if anyone has an idea of what to do with it or even if you need it, let me know! And yes, it has the faucet has a built-in sprayer which was a must for me.

Lowe's should pay me for showcasing their stuff. Yes, this wallpaper backsplash is from you guessed it. Back when Adam and I were childless and fancy free we spent our Saturday mornings going to Lowe's sidewalk sales and picking up all of their clearance marked items that they had sitting out in front of the store. Not every Lowe's does this we've found so we'd make a ritual of going to Great Harvest Bread for breakfast, hit up our sidewalk sale with some garage sales along the way. Good days.

Anywho, guess how much I paid for this? Well, I don't remember to a T, but I do remember it being somwhere in the range of $1.00-$3.00 for an entire roll. Even better, I walked away with about 5 or 6 rolls of beadboard wallpaper for $1.00 each.
You like my green dishes too? So do I. I bought them last summer from a guy off of Craigslist. He said his wife wanted a change from these jade colored Pottery Barn beauties and I got a set of 20 of EVERYTHING for 40 bucks!

And here's the living room...

Still looking for a lampshade for that log lamp on the right side of the picture. I bought a set of 4 log lamps at a garage sale for $25.00 and they all came with gigantic lampshades that looked like they belonged around a dogs neck after it'd been neutered.

And here's the gal's side of her bedroom. She'll be sleeping in this bed TONIGHT! We're moving in!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laundry Room

This was the laundry room as of a week ago. Adam has since added chair rail and baseboards and I'm in the process of painting those. The blue is something "Aquatics" from Valspar...I'll post it in the final laundry room post.

As of Saturday, we got this baby delivered to us from Lowe's with it's matching counterpart. Back before Christmas Adam came across a deal where it was practically a buy one, get one free deal for the Whirlpool Duet frontloaders. We been using this set at my in-laws during the year that we've spent with them and I LOVE them. I just never thought we could afford them! Even better, our delivery date got pushed back week after week (apparently we weren't the only ones who bought them and they ran out of dryers) and they upgraded us to a STEAM dryer! They were actually doing us a favor by delaying the date so we could finish as much in the laundry room anyway and we were the ones who benefitted!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ummm, yes please.

I love this for our kitchen faucet, but it's $300.00 even on Ebay and Overstock. :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Before and After Dining Room Flooring

Phase 1
*this was the first time we saw the house and the lady's stuff was still all over the place. What is now our dining room used to be her utility room.

Phase 2

Phase 3

AfterPhase 4- Complete!
*Now filled with a dining room table and chairs and a bunch of boxes.

Before and After Hallway Flooring


*This hallway is now decked out with the shelving units and a hallway rug, but it's still messy and I want it to look nice before I post any true "after" pics.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Sorry I've been away but I have a great reason. Let's just say it involves the following:

A U-Haul

A great group of friends

My awesome packing skills

My super helpful father-in-law

A sprained ankle

messy sitting room

and a messy rest of the house too.
Not to mention a double ear infection for the littlest and four colds for the four of us. It's been a long week...but an exciting one.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Antique Cabinets

Adam and my father-in-law installed the old glass cabinets from the former utility room in our kitchen this weekend! There they are on the left!See our IKEA sink installed too! Maybe on Tuesday, after our plumber comes, we just might have hot water coming out of it! We're kind of high class like that. :)

I wish I was able to scrape, sand and paint before it got hung, but I know the hanging part was going to be the trickiest, so I'm just glad it's up and off the front porch! The color that is on them now won't be too different from how I'll re-paint them. I want them to compliment the new cabinets and not stick out too much. I would love to do something funky to the back of them though to shine behind my plates and dinnerware that will be displayed. I had a friend that taped up scrapbook paper to the back of hers so she could change it whenever she got sick of it! Great idea huh? I'd love something a little more permanent like a different paint color or wall paper or something, but I do love the flexibility and inexpensive yet plentiful patterns that scrapbook paper offers! Maybe wrapping paper too!

Keeping It!

Thanks for everyone's advice and for putting up with some girly wishy-washiness there for a second. We've decided to keep the colors in the master bedroom. I think it does give it that cozy feel and you've made me feel better about it. I don't think we'll need to re-paint anytime soon which I am happy about since I'm busy painting baseboard everywhere else in the house anyway.My Aunt Ramona had asked if the blue was really that dark as it looks in the pictures. Well, it'll look different on a computer but the "cafe blue" from Valspar is a grayish blue and it'll blend nicely with the Elizabeth Paisley duvet I have from Pottery Barn. The chandelier pictured will be transferred to the dining room and will be replaced with an amber colored Austrian crystal chandelier my mom brought back from Vienna.
Here it is with my dad displaying it in all it's glory. My parents took pictures of it before they hauled it down from Alaska when they came and visited in October. They wanted to make sure that I wanted it and mentioned something about me being wishy-washy ;), but I love it! Except for the hideous tassle which I will promptly get rid of and my father-in-law is going to re-wire it out of it's European wiring, I think it'll look great!