Sunday, January 3, 2010

Antique Cabinets

Adam and my father-in-law installed the old glass cabinets from the former utility room in our kitchen this weekend! There they are on the left!See our IKEA sink installed too! Maybe on Tuesday, after our plumber comes, we just might have hot water coming out of it! We're kind of high class like that. :)

I wish I was able to scrape, sand and paint before it got hung, but I know the hanging part was going to be the trickiest, so I'm just glad it's up and off the front porch! The color that is on them now won't be too different from how I'll re-paint them. I want them to compliment the new cabinets and not stick out too much. I would love to do something funky to the back of them though to shine behind my plates and dinnerware that will be displayed. I had a friend that taped up scrapbook paper to the back of hers so she could change it whenever she got sick of it! Great idea huh? I'd love something a little more permanent like a different paint color or wall paper or something, but I do love the flexibility and inexpensive yet plentiful patterns that scrapbook paper offers! Maybe wrapping paper too!


  1. Natalie,

    The cabinets look great! The Ikea sink and cabinets really compliment the originals. Everything is really coming together. Is that an N on your sink?


  2. It looks awesome!
    They make a wallpaper that has the texture of beadboard that is paintable. It works great for the inside of cabinets b/c it isn't as thick as (and easier to cut/install) the real stuff.

    Keep up the good work... you guys are amazing!!!

  3. How is the IKEA farmhouse sink working out? We are looking to have a farmhouse sink in our kitchen and didn't realize IKEA has one, and I am sure it is a lot less money than Kohler.