Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laundry Room

This was the laundry room as of a week ago. Adam has since added chair rail and baseboards and I'm in the process of painting those. The blue is something "Aquatics" from Valspar...I'll post it in the final laundry room post.

As of Saturday, we got this baby delivered to us from Lowe's with it's matching counterpart. Back before Christmas Adam came across a deal where it was practically a buy one, get one free deal for the Whirlpool Duet frontloaders. We been using this set at my in-laws during the year that we've spent with them and I LOVE them. I just never thought we could afford them! Even better, our delivery date got pushed back week after week (apparently we weren't the only ones who bought them and they ran out of dryers) and they upgraded us to a STEAM dryer! They were actually doing us a favor by delaying the date so we could finish as much in the laundry room anyway and we were the ones who benefitted!


  1. Isn't God awesome in taking care of the details in our lives! He LOVES to bless us!