Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ummm, yes please.

I love this for our kitchen faucet, but it's $300.00 even on Ebay and Overstock. :(


  1. I am seriously stalking your blog because I can't wait to see a finished kitchen picture...

  2. From experience of building 2 houses & remodeling the kitchen of a 3rd: think about how you are going to use the faucet more than how it looks. I love the built in sprayer on my current & past house, though it's not as attractive. I went w/the "looks" on the remodel (our mountain house), which was similar to the one you have pictured here, only in the dark bronze, & chose the cheaper one w/separate sprayer. As soon as the warranty ran out, the sprayer started "acting up" (it doesn't always turn off when you hit the button, so I've been sprayed more than once). If I had it to do over, I'd choose the built in sprayer & spend a little more... Just FYI.

  3. Have you tried Craigs List?

  4. Well, I hope you can fit it in your budget. Buying a good qualitly faucet will pay off in the long run. We've gotten the cheap, junky faucets from major "home improvement" stores, even tho' they seemed quality and looked good at the time.

    We recently remodeled our kitchen. For a complete matching set of faucet (sprayer hose built inside), soap pump, filtered water dispenser, with matching drain rings for the sink, we paid over $800.00. We price shopped too. 'Oil Rubbed Bronze' is generally a bit more expensive.

    I am also a lurker who is stalking your blog to see the end results. I picked up your link from Create Studio. My husband and I have kept up with you all along because we've been interested in the idea of flipping a house, but wanted to see someone do it first!

    Good luck.
    Andrea L.