Friday, December 18, 2009

Stained Concrete Flooring

The color is down and we are so excited to show it to you. I have no category for what concrete flooring should look like except for what I've seen in my Aunt Ramona's basement, but I can tell you it looks great in our living areas! I keep thinking it looks like leather.

A patch next to the fireplace. Don't worry, that's just a dusty footprint from us, not my daughter's from a few days ago. :)

It's darker than the hardwoods, but blends nicely with the oak. Gives the house a nice rich tone to it.

The dining room was wet. Those are puddles of stain that have yet to dry.


View from the stairs looking down on the hallway.

Isn't it so pretty?

Laundry room.

View from hallway looking into entry way.

View from kitchen looking into living room.

Our concrete guy, Joe had a rep come over to our house to use a high-powered sprayer and apply the stain. This is just to show you how he taped off the baseboard to protect it from overspray. If we ever wanted to change the color, all we'd have to do is buy some stain and spray some new color on top. The concrete underneath wouldn't ever have to be messed with. Joe was impressed with the job the sprayer did and so were we! If ever you have a concrete job in the Charlotte area, check out because when it comes to concrete anything, Joe is your guy. He's applying sealer today and I think the final coat of sealer tomorrow? We'll have some great before and after pics once it's completed!

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