Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh to feel the sand between my toes...

Our floors got sanded!
This is the "before" picture, but be prepared for a not-so-dramatic "after" because my flash wasn't working. All three of these next pictures are what they look like now!

We are more convinced now that it is white oak and not red oak like we were originally thinking. I'm happy for white oak! Apparently, it gives off a bluish gray hue which I like better than red.

You can really see the different individual strips of wood now that they are sanded. With advice from our sander man, we are just going to put a couple coats of poly on them, sand and then poly again and call it done!


  1. beautiful!!!!........everything is coming together so nicely! ramona

  2. WHO-RAY! Looking beautiful! So excited for you!! B~

  3. They are beautiful! Did you use a company to do the floors or a friend helped? We will need to have our floors done at the house and we don't even know who to begin with.