Saturday, December 5, 2009

Struck Gold

Thought you might like to see how I've been using some of my pecans. Besides benefitting from some pecan pies, I used them as table decorations for our Thanksgiving table at my in-laws house. To a previous commenter, Sonja, I'm excited to try your recipe using vanilla pudding! If anyone is interested, she posted it below under the blog post "Can-Can you do the Pecan".

After I pick up the nuts, I bring them to the patio table to dry out. Did you know pecans can mildew if you don't let them dry out? And another little factoid about them is that you need at least 2 pecan trees on your property to cross-pollinate or they won't bear anything. Just a couple things I've learned recently. Anyway, I left a bunch of nuts to dry out on the table and noticed my pile dwindling over a couple days. They are now completely gone thanks to this little guy in the corner. He probably thought he struck gold!

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