Monday, November 30, 2009

Upstairs Kids Bathroom

Complete with beadboard, trim and crown (not pictured, but was added later. :))!

We're using the original tub, sink and medicine cabinet which were way too cool to get rid of. Very "Restoration Hardware". Now, all we need is white subway tile for the shower surround, white hexagon tile for the floor, white paint on the beadboard and trimmings and a paint color on the wall! Any suggestions? Maybe a wallpaper geometric print?


  1. Just want you to know that I love all of your updates. I've enjoyed this remodel SO much!!!

    I'd think twice about wallpaper... it's such a commitment. We put it in 2 bathrooms and the dining room 8 years ago and I'm ready for a change. But the work it involves....UGH.

    No matter what you do, it will be beautiful! How cool that you get to use the original stuff!

  2. I vote for a light blue "spa" type color.

    I put the color "Filigree" in my basement, and think it would mesh well with the yellow and grey you already have up there.

    Love seeing all your hard work as I sit here and eat bon bons! Ha ha!