Monday, November 16, 2009

Phil's Progress

My brother-in-law Phil so generously gave up a week of vacation time to come help fast-forward the renovation. He's does renovations for a living, so to have him work in our house all day every day was amazing. Adam joined him in the evenings and took 2 days off of work. With the two of them combined, we saw major progress. What you may see in the pictures below may not look like much, but it's almost what you don't see that Phil worked on even more. All the walls are sooo smooth as he mudded and sanded the walls over and over to make them perfect. The crooked window sill is now straight, the doors have trim around them which took a lot of detailed cutting, the support beams got wrapped with thin wood, and we have crown moulding, base board, primed walls and painted trim!! Plus, being a part of his family's business we were able to use his business account at Sherwin Williams and get $200.00 off of paint!

Door casing around entry way door

Door casing around french doors in sitting room

Crown moulding in master bedroom. I found a crown guy on Craigslist who sold his for $1.00 less than Home Depot per linear foot and delivered it all for ten bucks!
Crown in entry way
Crown in hallway
During one of their workdays, it rained the entire day that they hung crown moulding. It made for such a cold, wet rainy day and they were exhausted.
The kids and I brought them Bojangles Bo-berry biscuits and coffee for a little pick-me-up.

Hallway Before
*sidenote: We really liked the pine on the walls, and really debated leaving them natural or painting them. In the end we decided to keep the ceiling natural here in the hallway (luckily no termites had found there way there!) and paint the walls to avoid it looking like a sauna, which it always reminded me of that. :)

Hallway After. The ceiling is natural, but you can't tell in this pic because it's taped off.

Primed ceilings and primed beams above Adam's head.

The support beams are made of pressed wood and had a really rough and uneven edge. That's why the guys decided to wrap it with thin, but real wood so that it would make it smooth and able to be painted more evenly.

Primed ceiling in living room. We were hoping that by painting the ceiling, it would make the termite damage on the left unnoticeable. Well, you can still see it. I think our when we paint our ceiling, I might pick more of an antique white in hopes that it might disquise it a little better and won't be as "bright". I think an antique white will tie in the kitchen cabinets too a little more than a bright white would.

Thank you Phil! Come back anytime! :)


  1. ok, so if i come help you guys will you bring me coffee and Bo-berry biscuits? yum. we have a Bo's right down the road from us, it is SO dangerous.

    that picture of the kids and Adam- the second i looked at Greta, i was like "WOW that looks like Nat!" i always thought she looked like A- but something screamed "natalie" in her face :) so so cute your kids are!

    i see all the work- that moulding is amazing, love the natural wood ceiling in the foyer, and everything else. i'm so excited to see it when it's done and how you decorate!!!

  2. Okay, so when is Phil coming to Lynchburg!??? I have a few "to do's" that are Philbur's size!! :)

    I am so so thrilled for you guys!! Looks like the end is in sight!!

    I love the hallways painted white with the natural wood ceilings!! Great decision!!



  3. Awesome, looks like you have some great help! I love the wooden beams you painted white in the hall, good choice. Things are going to be so pretty!

  4. Papa and Mama Ward love the progress. It looks beautiful! It is going to a "Mansion on Rocky River Road"!

  5. The house looks great! Its going to be stunning once all your projects are done.

  6. ahh, yay! so glad you got so much done :) looks great!

  7. wow, ya'll got a ton done! i am amazed! it all looks wonderful! i really love the wood in the hall painted white, it gives it such a unique look, so much character.

  8. Having just finished painting a ton of wood paneling I know what a tough job that is. You guys have accomplished a ton!!! It looks amazing Natalie! I know you must be so thankful for this gift!

  9. Jackie Parks told me about your blog... good job and very cool to see! You guys have definitely done a lot of work and its cool to see God bless you on your project.

    Thanks for posting!