Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bring in the Sunshine

Here are the beautiful drapes my mom made when she was in town! Window treatments are not my thing. It is so hard for me to figure out what I want! That is unusual for me because normally I can look at something and figure out soon enough what I want it to look like. Curtains, nada. I knew what color I wanted so I started with that. I wanted sunny curtains to match the neighboring "vintage yellow" room to tie them together a little bit. My last house I had a blue kitchen, tan living room, green office, yellow nursery, red bathroom, all colorful but no symmetry. I'm wanting to see flow-age in this house. Cute mom, cute kid. Dark picture, sorry.

*Back to my ignorance on curtains. I've always heard to hang your curtain rod higher because it makes your windows look bigger. So, I hung it high, but looking at this picture it's starting to bother me. Should I lower it to the molding? Maybe I'll just pull the tops together and get curtain tiebacks. Then, I don't have to spend more hours within a period of 3 DAYS hanging those forsaken curtain rod brackets.

This is a closeup on the fabric.

This is where I got it. My mom and I had to make two trips to Gastonia to Mary Jo's to get more fabric and ended up with two extra yards in the end. That's what happens when you don't know what you want! Bringing two kids two and under doesn't help either. :) This picture looks smokey and I think I know why...

Doesn't he look like a little Vinny smokin' on his pretzel rod? He always hangs them out like it's a big stogie. Funny boy.

So with my extra fabric, I am considering just using it again in the yellow room also. What do you think? Too much yellow? I have a variety of quilts that I want to use on the guest bed and I don't want it to be limited with a certain color scheme in here. The other option would be just a pretty white probably. If I did the yellow, they'd have to be little cafe curtains because of where we've cut them already. I think I'm pushing the bed up to the window anyway so I wouldn't necessarily need the look of the height of the windows. It's not that great of a view, just the neighbors, a power line and an overgrown holly bush.

And if I don't use them in there, I'll probably use them in here..

The bathroom, I don't have any other plans for this room yet though!


  1. NAT!!! That's the same fabric I chose for my third floor... only I chose it in teal. Too funny! I think it's indoor/outdoor fabric though so no chance that it will fade in those sunny windows! LOVE it!

  2. i love that fabric! i know this is an older post, but if you still haven't done anything with the extra, a fun idea is to cover a lampshade with it- it's so easy. it would pull the color and pattern in with the other room!