Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Thankful for PAINT!

During this 4-day Thanksgiving weekend, we've had some family and friends come to help us paint. The whole left side of the house is now painted in "Croissant" by Sherwin Williams and looks beautiful! London, a friend of my sister-in-law's and my brother-in-law, Daniel were two of those helpers. We are so grateful for them!

Dan had to borrow Adam's painting pants and we got a kick out of how they fit him.

This is how the color looks as you enter the entryway.

Looking to the left in into the living room.

Really makes a house look like a home doesn't it?

This is just a close up of the primer over the termite damage on the living room ceiling. We still have to paint over it with ceiling paint and hopefully that'll disquise it that much more.


  1. I was so impressed!!! It looks BEAUTIFUL, and I know it's going to look even more amazing when everything is finished. That new master bath will really just make the house fabulous.... at some point! :) You guys should be proud. And I might have to steal that paint color!

  2. Wow...what a difference! Yay for serious progress!

  3. It def makes it look closer to being done! Great paint choice!

  4. looking good! keep cracking that whip! :)


  5. Um, is HGTV covering this renovation yet, Nat? They should! Looking great!

  6. Hi Nat - I am so glad that you like the croissant color of paint! It took me 5 tries with different yellows before I finally came up with this one. Im glad you could benefit from my trial and errors~! HA! I love it so much that it now covers at least 1/2 of my house. Your house is adorable -- when do you expect to move in? Love, Debbie