Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out, PB.

Pottery Barn has had these in their "Harvest" decor section of their catalog which are authentic "found" dough bowls. I wonder how a Pottery Barn exec could just happen to "find" thousands of these and then sell them for $150.00+ a piece. I'm just saying, who happens upon that many dough bowls? Aren't they pretty?

Then these pretty vintage wine jugs with the little story on PB's website tells about a wine entrepenuer invested a lot of his money and time in picking out specific bottles for his company. He had a warehouse full apparently. These go for $100.00+.

I poked my head in the attic access to the left the other day after eyeing a few things and decided to crawl in and see exactly what was in there. *side note: I painted the loft. You like? I love oops paint from Home Depot. 5 dolla.
Anyway, I weasled my way into the little hole on the left and stepped on the roof rafters to look closely at some things that the light of my flashlight had landed upon.

Found some trinkets in a wooden box including an old New Testament, an ancient pair of Keds, an old flashlight and one old baseball cleat.

I also found an old galvanized metal ice cream maker.
But my most favorite finds of all were....
An old whiskey bottle and dough bowl! (I'm huffing on my nails right now and brushing them across my left shoulder. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Do exactly what I just wrote and then you'll see. :)) Technically, if I were going to spend $250.00 on those pretty PB items (which I wasn't), I'd be $250.00 richer right now. I can't wait to display these on my kitchen table!


  1. Girl! You deserve to huff and brush. What a FIND!!! I've admired those dough bowls in friends' homes but would never spend the $$ on them. Congrats!

  2. you WOULD have those just "laying around" in an attic. what the heck, how do you DO THAT?

    i am so pumped to see the final product, you are amazing Nat!

    (ps- thank you for your sweet encouragement on my blog post as M's mommy- you are precious!)

  3. nice find!!!!! ramona

  4. A.w.e.s.o.m.e....say that in the Napolean Dynamite voice, it sounds cooler...

  5. That is so awesome and I'm trying not to be jealous!

  6. great story - it is so great to know that God is in the details. So many people don't even have a stable roof over their heads, but God has honored your faithfulness in being wise with your money and provided for your family. We have experienced this multiple times in the past month. I loved reading this post.