Thursday, July 2, 2009

So far, so good!

We've had two groups of people over recently working at the house. The first group that has come and gone are the HVAC guys. That giant gray metal box was our old AC unit. This picture was taken back in March when we were just beginning to check the place out.

Where the paint bucket is is where the AC unit used to be before they unhooked it and hauled it away! Our HVAC guys say they can put our new one down those cement stairs and actually keep it underneath the house. We need to decide whether we want automatic valves or manual valves now...Automatic of course would be preferable, but we're on a budget here people and I'm still holding out for kitchen cabinets. If we go manual, it would be a seasonal thing for us to go in the crawlspace and manually fiddle with the valves until the interior temp was to our liking. Not bad, but annoying I'm sure.
These are the steps leading down to the crawlspace. The old unit was so huge it actually rested on top of the stairwell and hovered over your head as you walked down.

This is what you see when you get down there. Looking at these tunnels, I think that if the diggers didn't work out in the field of construction, they might have a lucrative career in prison. :) This is a crew hired by our contractor to dig out enough dirt for our contractor to assess where our foundation piers need to be replaced. From the inside, it is evident to see where the floor has at least one broken pier as the it dips in the hallway. We were going to dig out and then replace piers, but for the security of the house as it shifts from the dirt removal and the safety of the guys underneath, they are replacing them as they go.

You can see in some places where the dirt is so high that there is no room to assess what's going on below the house. This is OLD dirt and the guys say it is hard, hard work to dig it out.

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  1. thanks, nat..... looks like the foundation problem is what you thought??
    nice to see all your pics. i like that idea of the christmas tree farm.... what a nice surprise to have an increase in your property. ramona