Thursday, July 2, 2009

And then there were three...

When we first went under contract with this house, we thought there was 1.88 acres of land according the MLS statement. The first thing Adam did was to get it surveyed to see exactly what part of the property was ours. It looked so big, we weren't sure exactly where the lay of the land was. Imagine our surprise (and the owner's!) when the survey came up as 3.33 acres and it was all ours for the same price! According to the seller's realtor, she had encouraged him over and over to get it surveyed, but old paperwork had said 1.88, so that's what he went with. We were so giddy and grateful for this land even though we don't have a clue what to do with it! My vote is for a Christmas tree farm... :) I'm not kidding either!

This is behind the house looking towards the neighbors house on the right.

Everything is ours all the way back to that tree line far away! Praise God! Now, we need to rent a bush hog and cut down that grass.

I've had a couple friends ask if this will be Greta's playhouse. How can you say no to a face like this?

We discovered that one of the trees in the backyard has green apples all over it. Time will tell I guess what kind they are and how big they'll get...

We found this old rusty hardware mounted in the tree. Made me wonder if maybe it was a horse-hitching post??

The grape arbor is starting to get little green buds on it! I've heard that the harvest time for grapes is hopefully they'll last the winter.

There are day lillies all around the yard. And ant mounds.

This is the side of the yard. Everything in the picture all the way to the tree line on the left is included!

We have a generous sized front yard also. The only downside about our house is that it is on a somewhat busy 2 lane road with no fence. I would like to put up a pretty split-rail fence to just give a little definition for the kids between our yard and the road. But that'll be later I'm sure...


  1. You guys have so many fun discoveries! I'm loving the blog because we get to discover right along side you!

  2. can we say paint party soon?!?! I am down for another weekend visit :)

  3. wild grapes like muscadines and scuppernongs will be ripe in late September and through October :)

  4. Cool Nat. keep up the hard work of taking pics!

  5. I'll come help you plant a huge garden!! You have room for a massive one!!

  6. I only know that because Aaron's grandmother has grapes that I can't help but devour every late September and October. :)

  7. Hello - jumped over here from create studio. book marking your site to watch this house go from great to fabulous!!!