Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Laugh

Okay, so with all of my computer savvy-ness I found the program "Paint" for probably the 1st time since 4th grade to show you our new layout. The whole idea came about when we started looking into renovating the green kitchen with new cabinets, appliances, the whole works. The existing kitchen is fairly small to begin with and closed off in the back corner of the house. It has high ceilings like the rest of the house, but even that changes at the back of the kitchen with regular height ceilings. The thought was that if we were going to completely renovate a kitchen and have it still be the size of an apartment size kitchen, it still wouldn't be ideal no matter how much time and money we put into it. So that's why Adam's Aunt Sharon suggested "The Big Upset"(previous blog post) and get exactly what we want with a bigger kitchen and all!

This is the BEFORE layout of the 1st floor of the house

This is what we hope for it to look like AFTER. We plan to knock down some walls to allow an open living area. Even though we will probably have to lose the double sided fireplace for this to happen, there is another fireplace in the new sitting room I didn't mention. Another great perk of this is the dining room's view will look out on this!

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  1. Congratulations on purchasing this dream home! I found your blog and am excited to follow your renovations! I love seeing neat transformations like this. Glad to see you guys are doing so well. Happy renovations! -Kristin (Abbamonte) Kocher :-)