Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I "borrowed" an idea from The Lettered Cottage yesterday. I love their decorating styles and a couple weeks ago she posted a specific post about her wall grouping of photos in their guest bedroom here. I've had a bunch of photos that I've been waiting for Adam to make me ledges for to look like this PB inspiration below in the living room, but after reading TLC, I realized I had a few photos to spare to do a grouping in our bedroom and still have a lot left over for the ledges in the living room later.

Unfortunately, the photo ledge has to take a back seat while snooty guest bathroom and bannister get the drivers side and passenger seat. So a couple days ago, I got busy shamelessly copying Layla and Kevin creating my own original idea and doing a dry run layout of the photos on the floor.

And using this wall in our bedroom to the left of the door. Pay no attention to the bajillion loads of laundry peeking out from the corner of the bed. I have priorities people! (Don't worry Mom, I folded them during American Idol)

Layla says if all else fails, start from the middle and work your way out. Well, I liked my practice run enough to take a couple pictures and just referred to that a lot of times so I knew exactly what picture went where. I still worked from the middle though.

Ta Da!

I'm really happy with the final product. Now, I just need to add and update some photos...


  1. SUCH a cool house!!
    You're going to have so much fun decorating it.

    Thanks for inviting me over today!
    Layla :-)

  2. Love it! Great job! And I love those walls!

  3. Just wanted to add the word verification to approve my last moment was stshiver. I guess that blogspot must be notifying me you live on Shiver Street :) Hope you're staying warm!

  4. Speaking of Pottery Barn you know about If not, check it out! I KNOW you're going to fall in love with it. Adam, on the other hand might wish you never knew about it...

  5. nat- i love the picture collage and i love your dining room shelf!! it all looks so good! im gona have to steal some of your ideas when i start decorating in a few months :)

  6. Oh Love it Nat! Come do my wall next ;-)

  7. Looks fantastic! This house is already a treasure. Can't wait to see it completed! Great job, Nat!

  8. I need you to come do that here! I'm always scared to put holes in the walls for some reason!

  9. Looks great Nat! Catching up with my blog reading. You've gotten so much done since I was last here. All the hard work is coming together.

    - Deborah