Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Metamorphasis of a Chandelier

In the former dining room (now master bedroom) and we planned to use it in the dining room.

It was beautiful with an antiqued bronze finish, but we've gone with stainless hardware in the kitchen and it would've looked outdated.

First coat: Black

2nd coat: Green, to match my dishes. I just used whatever spray paint was closest to one of my plates I brought into Lowes.

Distressed to let the black and bronze shine through

Hanging in the new dining room, it's rightful home for yet another family to enjoy another dinner under.


  1. It looks great. You must be thrilled to have everything coming together finally (I've been "watching" here for a while!)

  2. I love your table!!! The chandelier looks great too. Nice pop of color. But I'm wondering what it would look like with shades on the bulbs.... that might be nice!

    Susan Kelly