Sunday, February 14, 2010

Decorative Ledge

The other day I texted Adam a picture of my ledge in the dining room that I had proudly worked an hour on. I anxiously awaited his response which never came. When he came home from work he explained he never replied because he thought I had just sent him a picture of a pile of stuff I put up there to just get out of the way. Think again bud. You can see the ledge in the upper left hand corner of the dining room.

After closer examination he said he did in fact like it and in he couldn't really tell what was what from the picture, but he liked it better in person. :) My favorite part was everything was free! I found almost everything around our house or out in the outbuilding.
From left to right: (nestled under the dough bowl) a birds nest that was on our front porch on top of our light fixture, the dough bowl found in the attic, the glass jug found in the attic, circle wire thingys found in the outbuilding, candlesticks- wedding gift, potato looking things found outside (At first glance I thought it was a snake egg! Obviously I don't know what snake eggs look like, but you never know. ;) After careful examination it's a pod from a tree of some sort with seeds that shake around inside. Mirror- found in outbuilding, "Home" sign-already owned it, beach grass- already owned, old window weights (far right) used to level windows back in the good ol' days. We found a bunch as we took out walls and Adam thought I was crazy for saving them. They're heavy, but perfect for a Macaulay Culkin "Home Alone" defense with their location over the back door in case we have any bad guys. ;)


  1. love those window weights.....i saved a few myself from the seattle house, you know memories. i like your ledge, ramona

  2. By far, best part of this post (after the ledge of course) is the home Alone reference. Well done. :)