Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old-New Cabinets

The old cabinets that are in our kitchen came from this utility room that is now our dining room. You can see them hanging up on the left.

The set on the left has one more glass door (not pictured) and this is the set that is now below. The one on the far right is sitting in our outbuilding because I don't know where to put it yet!

We were going to repaint them, but after having them hanging up in their distressed state for a while, we kind of liked it. My mother-in-law suggested just keeping it that way and so we did! I just scratched it up a little more, put about 3 coats of spray poly on it and then covered the back with the bronze colored tin backsplash.

I actually LOVE it when people have a pop of color on their backsplash, but I decided to keep ours the shimmery bronze that it is and I might paint the inside side panels instead which I noticed today are kind of a sunny yellow color right now.


  1. my heart is resting easy now...(sigh) I love the organization.....