Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marble Countertops

I've always been drawn to pictures of kitchens like this and after a while I started to realize what was the underlying connection between them all. Marble countertops. I love this kitchen. From the glass cabinets, farmouse barstools, white subway tile and stainless appliances, it suits my style perfectly...but, not my budget. :)

We are trying to achieve all that plus an island that our friend in Raleigh is making for us. We plan to put a butcher block countertop on that piece of furniture and paint it it's own color. I have no idea what color yet though...This picture above is just a picture that popped up when I googled marble and butcherblock countertops. I would like a darker wood, but this gives you a general idea of what it would look like. Kind of meets the criteria I've set for the house with the whole "old meets new" vibe.

I've always liked the marble, but never expected to be able to afford it. I saw on Craigslist and in the paper last weekend a "we quit sale" and highly discounted prices on marble and granite. Imagine my surprise when I showed up early Saturday morning to find this price below.
$250.00!! Of course, I loved the price, but this pure white was not really what I wanted. The guy helping me had two matching pieces of carrera marble with veins which is exactly what I was looking for.

Here it is! I had to get 2 slabs for a total of $500.00 even though I only needed 1.5 slabs, but we plan to just use the other half in our master bath reno down the road.


  1. Ca-ching!!! What a deal! So happy for you.

    Check out this kitchen for some fun island/cabinet color ideas:


  2. Hold the Phone!! Where is this marble man and how do I get there....I totally need granite countertops, and that is way cheap...even better than the deal I found on butcher block!

  3. It was as nice and as beautiful like any other countertops suitable price rate.

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  6. It's lovely, however I need to say that rock is a much more grounded stone than marble. It can oppose scratches and recolors superior to our old marble one. I have had my stone counters for just about five years, despite everything it looks phenomenal! Rock when all is said in done, has an intricate example, which, I figure is the reason it covers up stains better. Lynnwood Marble Countertops