Thursday, October 8, 2009

Updated Picture Tour

It's been a while. We're busy with two babies and a house renovation. I'm sure you can understand. :) I forget what you've seen and what you haven't so let me just pull some pics out to show you what's been going on.
The new paint color, "vintage yellow" by Glidden, that will go in the pink guest room upstairs.

The "Filtered Shade" gray color by Valspar that will go in the kids room upstairs.

Proud of my priming skills upstairs now that both rooms are done. Just primed...not painted.
The fireplace cleaned and ready to be sealed. Remember, the stove is going to hide that patch of new brick. I know, it still looks dirty, but that is the best it's going to get. We call it "rustic." :)

Updated staircase with the wall gone and new pine stair treads. We're trying to come up with a cool idea for a custom banister now...staircase post to come...

Vaulted ceiling in dining room with sheetrock and brand new windows that Adam replaced!

Old doorway leading from former living room to former dining room. Now that it's a master bedroom, we needed to wall it up.

House on an early Saturday morning waiting for work to be done.

Through those beams is my new laundry room that Adam and his dad framed up. Doorway entrance is from the hall. We're looking at it from the dining room.

And the sheetrock work that still needs to be done in the sitting room over the boards and on both sides of the doors.


  1. looking good kids!

  2. We've restored 3 old houses-one of them we had loaded on huge beams and moved 14 miles to our farm.

    When we run across situations like the fireplace, and there have been many, we call it character. We do the best we can, try to be creative, and the result is character. Our current house (130 years old), has tons of character!! ;-)

    I am really enjoying your blog. Your house is going to be so gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean about the wood. When we replaced the front porch boards, they were so pretty that I couldn't bring myself to paint them. So, I stained and varnished. They are gorgeous, but I'm the only one on my block who mops her front porch every few days! ;-)

  3. wow, i am so amazed at all you have done! i know it's so much work, but how rewarding that will be when it is all finished!!!

  4. Looking good!... wish I would have run over there at some point this weekend and looked at it in person!

    On the way home today, Daniel picked up his phone and said that he was going to call Adam to see if Adam liked all the cleaning up he had done yesterday - he, he, he... totally Daniel for you :-)