Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Great Tip!

I have always thought that this idea would be so great and apparently my dream has come true! I was over at this blog,, today and he writes:

A Craigslist Tip
Did you know that you can subscribe to your favorite Craigslist searches in your blog feed reader? That’s how I found my buffet.
Just enter your search criteria in Craigslist, then scroll down to the bottom of the results page. In the lower right corner you will find an RSS link. Right-click the link and then select “copy link address” from the pop-up menu. Then open your feed reader (I use Google Reader) and paste that link address as a new subscription.
Now, whenever new items matching your search are added to your local Craigslist site, you’ll get notified in your feed reader.
I find that this technique saves me time by showing me only the content I want to see, and it helps me respond quickly after items are listed.
Happy hunting!

Yay! I'm off to plug mine in!

My list will be:
-stainless range hood
-new water heater
-playground set
-front loaders (we need a stackable set of a washer and dryer. I told myself after our last one in the townhome that I would never do that again, but alas our new laundry room is 2 inches too narrow. If I can find a cheap set of quality front loaders, then I can get laundry cycles that actually wash AND (gasp) dry!! It was too much for my last unit to handle my army sized loads and if I can get my hands on some front loaders that can be stacked then I'll be good to go on my dreaded Monday laundry days.)

I also look for anything with these key words: Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, Crate (&) Barrel, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, etc., but I won't plug those in. I have a feeling my feeder would be going a little crazy...


  1. Glad you liked the tip! Thanks for the linkback and happy hunting.

  2. That is a great tip - I'm on a Craigslist haitus until I finish the project I have! I love your blog and watching what you are doing with your home.