Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Saturday Project

Thanks to my mother-in-law who kept the kids for me Saturday morning and afternoon, I was able to go over to the house and work. My job was to pull all of the carpet staples and tack strip off of the floor in the sitting room. I'm trying to move room by room to make it a "sanctuary" and give us some sort of mental relief that things are actually getting done. When you look at the whole house, sometimes it's overwhelming thinking about all that still needs to be done. This helps my brain realize that there's not a whole lot left to do in this room.


  1. wow!!! that sitting room is looking good....french doors, hardwood floors, nice. ramona

  2. That floor looks grand!! A little polish and we could slide around in our socks. Wait a sec, you don't wear socks. Sock hop anyone? I love it. Love You, Mom

  3. It is going to be fabulous. When we take on mammoth projects - like our backyard right now - I have to look at the little steps, too.