Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boy Meets Girl

I'm working up the courage of putting my 2 year old daughter in the same room as my 11 month old son. Since our house is a 3 bedroom house, right away I assigned one upstairs to my daughter and the other one to my son. However, the more I thought about wanting to accommodate guests and having an area to work on crafts, I just decided to buck up and put them in the same room. So, without further ado, here are the pictures I've collected as inspiration for this shared gender neutral space.

These are the pictures of the room that they will be in in order as if you were walking through the room.
These windows are the first thing you see on the far wall.

Turn the corner (picture an J shape and now you're at the bottom of the J)

Arriving to the closet (at the end of the have no idea what I'm talking about do you? ha! My husband tells me all the time, things that make sense to me don't necessarily mean that they make sense to others). It's a fairly big closet but we'll definitely need to add some shelves to maximize the space. All of this junk you see in the pictures are from the previous owner.

Next, I wanted to remember exactly what I had in storage (it's been almost a year!!) so I pulled up some archived pictures of the kids rooms.

This is Will's nursery from our previous home in Raleigh. My intent was to transplant the entire scheme since he only slept in here ONE DAY by the time we moved. That curtain was my first sewing project and I was so proud of it that I didn't even care I made it too small. Oh my. I see it now!

Close up of his Dwell Studio bedding I bought off of Craigslist.

Greta's room. I can't find a close up online of the quilt, but it is a patchwork pattern with a various degree of pale pinks, reds, blues and greens and cream.

These next ones are pictures I found from Oh Dee Doh.
I love a rainy Saturday morning to surf through fun pictures like these!
I was so inspired by the color palette in this room. I never thought I would agree with gray in a kids room, but I'm a total believer now!I love how the main furniture elements are wooden with neutral walls and the splashes of color are found in the objects decorating the room. This will work well to bring in the combination of my kids stuff to decorate with such as Gretas' pink latern with Will's red latern.
I love all the browns and wood use in this room. I think I'll do the gray on the walls and do chocolate as accents (which you already see with the dresser in Will's room that I hope to squeeze in this room somehow...) We already have the hardwood floors so we've got that going for us. Then, add in all the fun colorful stuff and call it good!
This next room, although a baby girls room, just shows the eclectic, vintage look that I love and am will try to accomplish in the room. From the funky frames, repurposed furniture, and that ladder...yes please.
But the one thing I absolutely love in here is that pallet bed used as a reading nook with the old door headboard. I showed it to Adam this morning and he's not totally sold on the caster wheels, but I suggested table legs instead and he thought it might work. I totally think I could do this for Greta's bed since the walls are so low where they start to slant upwards. She wouldn't need a headboard as it'd be more a sideboard to give the look of a bed and not just a bunch of pallets in their room. Then again, when she's older and starts telling people she sleeps on pallets, it may not work after all. :) I love it anyhow.
I'm pretty sure I don't have the wall space for this, but I love the collection of letters I found at Project Nursery used with all different fonts and colors to pull all the other colors in the room together. I love that button for the O and for a lot of the other letters, the mom mod podged scrapbook paper on some that she had collected over time. She did a great job.


  1. yes, i like that pallet bed idea!!!! the bedroom reminds me of one we had in the seattle house......J shape. i think that works well with having both in the same room. r

  2. the J shape totally made sense :)

    i am amazed at your creativity and sense of style over and over again. love it!

  3. Can't wait to see how it shapes up, Nat! Oh, and I totally got the J... but, then again, I've seen the room before :-)

  4. Love the gray color on the walls, I think it will pull your design together well. I LOVE the pallet bed idea with the stationary legs. Craigslist has those pallets all the time. OH my goodness I need to tell you about FreeCycle. Have you heard of it? I'll email you. I'm so excited about your ideas!

  5. I'm calling you.

  6. Natalie,
    I have friends that had their boy and girl in the same room. They used a huge bookcase as a divider in the middle of the room. i get the J also. Pretty cool, hope we can come by sometime.

  7. I can't believe the picture with the birds and the birdhouse. I had the EXACT same idea. I've already done the fabric on the birhouse and it's on our walls and I've got all the fabric for the birds. That's insane. Guess there's a bunch of people out there that thought of the same thing! I love it!!!