Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3D Tour

Occasionally when I talk to my oldest sister on the phone about kitchen design she responds with a lot of "uh-huh's" and "hmmm's". I can tell that she's trying to sound like she understands, but then we laugh about how she has no clue what I'm talking about. This post is for her and for people like her. We met with a cabinet guy the other day and I was SO excited to see his drawing for our new kitchen. He is such a stellar guy, you can even see how he drew up the living room and dining room on either side of the kitchen. Step inside and welcome to the future left side of my home. :)

This is what you would see as you enter the living room from the entry way.

This unit of cabinets will serve as a pantry.

This hanging unit of cabinets is something he drew up, but we have decided NOT to go with it. It does limit our storage that much more, but with it being right next to a pass-thru we don't want it to obstruct traffic in any way. The glass cabinets on the left are ones that we are recycling from the old utility room. The island will be custom made from a friend of ours in Raleigh.

The only difference with this picture is that we forgot to include a dishwasher! I know we're living in a 1920's house, but this girl does not do dishes 1920's style. It will be sandwiched between the sink and the fridge. I just bought a matching set stainless, Jenn-air fridge and dishwasher off of Craigslist and I think they will look great next to each other.
Although lovely, I don't think this hutch will fit on this wall with our big dining room table. So, we'll have to nix that also. Yes, that means that even more lost storage, but I think we have a piece of furniture that is smaller and will work fine instead. Once we get our table out of storage and can take true measurements, we may decide later to do this.


  1. perfect. I will definitely be referencing this when we are on the horn....can't wait to see the actual cabinetry!!

    p.s. twick or tweet....

  2. You have great ideas!! Who would'a thought to put the stove there! How will the brick be cleaned/protected from cooking splatters? I dont know if oil/grease or spaghetti sauce would discolor the brick or not. -Amber

    PS. I love old farm houses. They provide great opportunities to create something completely unique!

  3. hey- we need some more storage in our kitchen. how 'bout you just give us that hutch? :) it looks fantastic, and this definitely helped my pea-brain visualize much better!

  4. It looks like you'll have some great flow in your kitchen. I'll be sure to check back in to see the results!

  5. these pictures make me want to play lazer tag.