Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Re-Purposed Drying Rack

Ever been to a home goods swap? Since moving to Charlotte a year and a half ago, I have met some great budget friendly gals that have hosted clothing swaps and home goods swaps. Basically, the gist of it is to bring some stuff around your house that you don't use or isn't your style anymore but is in good enough condition to go to someone else . It's a great way to get rid of stuff that you love, but just don't have a place for. I love seeing someone else I love being able to use it instead of just donating it to Goodwill (which would be the next best option unless you thought you could make a buck on Craigslist :) ) In return, you get some great stuff from others! In general, the way we played it is if you brought 5 items there, you could bring 5 items home. There were certain rules that if you'd be interested in hosting one, I'd be happy to e-mail you how we did it. Well, my friend Meghann couldn't go to the party and asked me to take a few of her items along . I was happy to oblige, but I forgot one thing in the back of my car.The lone dish drying rack. Now, what am I supposed to do with it? The party had come and gone and Heaven knows I don't hand wash dishes. If I have to for my stoneware or silpat, though, you would catch me wearing these. I'd like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to my Jenn-Air dishwasher. It's the bomb and I never have to pre-rinse or scrape crusties out of my drinking glasses. Anyway, the rack got me to thinking about something else I've been wanting. A spice rack.

I just unscrewed the two pieces and layed one down in the drawer. It's perfect for the spices to nestle in between the rods and then they don't rattle and twist around. Plus I don't have to spin the turn table 189 times before I find the parsley.

How's that for the cost of 0 dollars?


  1. This is a nice idea. It doesn't need to have a brand new spice rack. Anything can be done as a spice rack, as long as it can hold and keep spices in one place. All spice rack have one thing in common: they keep your kitchen clean and organized.

  2. This is a very clever re-use idea!

  3. That was my drying rack :) I never used it either. Glad you found some use for it!