Friday, April 2, 2010

2 Frying Pans and a Coat Rack

Since we've moved in January I have been missing 2 frying pans and a coat rack. Well, being the kind of family to walk in and throw your coat up on the rack, we couldn't do the formal coat closet much longer. It's nice to have for the winter coats and rain jackets, but everyday stuff had to be easy to put away and easy to find with two little ones. Using this picture as my inspiration, I decided to give up on the missing coat rack and start fresh.

Lucky for me, I found these hooks soon afterwards at Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price! I took them home and sanded them down to give them a distressed look and let some of the silver metal shine through the white paint.

I did love that white on white look from the magazine, but I had an old naturally distressed shelf in the outbuilding that was too weak structurally to keep as a shelf so I took it apart and used it for mounting my hooks.

And there you have it! It fits perfectly!


  1. ahhhhh i am continually amazed and inspired by your creativity! this is the cutest coat rack ever! i love it. so adorable... i am a sucker for anything distressed, sanded,or vintage-looking. :)

  2. i found your blog because i went to high school with sarah tucker, and after reading a bit, i pretty much think we could be best friends :) LOVE your coat rack, i need one in my pantry that says "bags" for my reusable shopping bags. i have a little crafty blog too:, come stop by anytime!

  3. I found your blog looking for a picture of those hooks from Hobby Lobby and am so glad I did. Your project turned out amazing! I would love to do something similar. :)