Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Behr Premium Paint

Here's the thing. I bought some expensive paint recently for the island. It was Behr's Premium Plus paint the kind that has primer in it and all. Normally, I'm just a basic Valspar cheapest kind of paint you've got kind of girl, but Behr's color was the one I liked the best on the sample card so I just went with that one. I actually just found out a couple months ago that you can buy paint in other brands using shades from their competition. I had NO idea! Anywho, back to Behr, being the first time I've used them and all I have to say I was HIGHLY impressed. This stuff goes a LONG way. I seriously maybe lost 1/4-1/2 inch of paint total in my bucket. Since it had primer already in it, I only needed one coat and I painted the entire piece and still have a full gallon of paint to show for it! It was probably 10 bucks more? (I have no idea since Adam bought it) but after painting the island during one naptime, I can highly recommend this to those who are short on time. I also applied poly before I painted in case I wanted to distress the island, it would show a more finished product underneath. Any thoughts? To distress or not to distress?

I commented below, but just in case you missed it the color is Behr's premium ultra plus (something like that) Carmine Red with 2 extra ounces of white in it. I had to take it back to make it a titch more muted and that's all they had room for. So there you have it!

Oh, and don't buy Walmart's $1.00 cans of spray paint. They've been tried and have been proved to not be true.


  1. ok, i am so NOT decor-saavy. BUT here is my two cents. hey- you asked!

    i think maybe don't distress. not that it wouldn't look awesome... but i think there are plenty of distressed or oldie looking obejects around the house, maybe a good mix of sleek and clean will balance it. for instance, the cupboards you distressed and then you have stainless steel appliances. you have a rustic brick fireplace, and then you have clean marble counter tops. you're going to have a butcher block top (which will no doubt get "distressed") and then perhaps a clean/sleek island to balance.

    am I way off?

    but seriously, i don't think you could go wrong. your house is amazing so, i'm sure you'll make the perfect decision!

  2. I say don't distress it. I know that it's really popular now, but in 5 years, it may be a really dated look. And, once you distress it, it's going to be really hard to get that sleek, smooth look of quality cabinets.

    Distressing is fine for older cabinets that already have some dings and issues, but in the long run, I think you might be glad you left it smooth.

  3. Hi Adam and Natalie~ I've just discovered your fun blog and have really enjoyed reading it! I love how you enjoy making you house a home and your wonderful, creative projects! I look forward to reading more...I am your newest follower!