Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knock-Off Wood

After two friends of mine referred me to a great furniture design blog, Knock-Off Wood, I decided to check it out for a bench I've been wanting for our entryway. After finding this plan, I got right to work convincing Adam that we needed to get to work! :) And so we did...

And by the next day we had this!

Then, last Saturday morning it was seriously the prettiest day of the season so far with upper 70's and I spent every bit of it outside. First step was distressing the bench. This was not part of the original "knock-off" plan, but I like that look and I wanted it to match our front door with the same distressed look and stain. I have never used a chain before, but my sister told me once that chains are the best and wouldn't you know, I happened to have one lying around! I also used a hammer and nail for little worm holes, a screwdriver that I just raked down the board a few times and a sharp edged piece of hardware that I just dropped in random spots to dent up the board really good.

Then I used the same polystain that we used for our door and applied with a sponge brush in one hand and an American flag in the other. My two-year-old kept asking me to hold it and yell, "American Flag! American Flag!" Ha ha. And so I did. :)

And here's what we have to show for it! I could not be happier! We bought a few things at the store when we purchased the lumber, so I'm not exactly sure how much it all cost but the whole bench was probably around $25.00.

Now, I have to rearrange that wall a bit behind it. Maybe with a bunch of pictures or mirrors I think.


  1. love it!!! now i can convince john that we can do it too!!!

  2. Your bench looks great! I saw it linked over at Knock off Wood and thought I'd come check ya out. You've got some great projects under your belt. And I can't get enough of that Alaska art you made... (completely different topic), so fun and different!

  3. Awe-some. I saw Knock Off Wood has your link listed...can anyone say famous??? B~

  4. Nat,

    Great job convincing Adam to build it! (Yes, I am laughing!) Everything is looking good on your home front! Happy Easter!


  5. I am so jealous. I love that bench. Love love love it. Great idea. The house looks great!! So happy for you guys!

  6. LOVE it!!! The style is so great, it could be used anywhere.
    I love the stain you chose.

  7. Fantastic job Natalie. Can I put in an order for us now? The color of stain is lovely. Pictures or a scripture verse would be a nice touch. Love, Mom

  8. ahhh i love this! you guys did a great job on it!(collectively, including greta wanting you to wave your flag and say "an american flag, an american flag, haha, hilar!)i was thrilled to find the knock off wood blog, paul wants to build us a dining room table and that will be a great resource! thanks for sharing! :)