Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wildlife Cam

We have tracks. Big tracks. The kind of tracks you don't really feel comfortable with when their right outside your kitchen window. Dog? Cat? Wildcat? Coyote? (Cue the Jaws music). Now, mind you, I don't have mammoth hands or anything (I'm 5'2), but these are from no ordinary tabby cat. We have had a couple spotting's late at night, both Adam and I at separate times and we both witnessed a cat-like animal that ran away quickly but was stockier than a normal cat and low to the ground. It also did not have any distinguishable features like a raccoon would. Adam's grandparents were in town and picked us up a wildlife camera to mount and take pictures when it detects motion. All we have to do is plug in the USB card in the morning to see what it's discovered! Thanks guys!

We've heard there are hairy beasts around these parts...This one seems harmless.

This little guy can't be the match to our prints, but he did eat our little goodies we left out for the loch ness monster. PB&J and ham if you must know.

Not a match either...still on the lookout...we'll let you know.


  1. that's a cougar/panther/mountain lion track!

  2. wow!!! i am excited.. now, we can compare cat and bear stories... maybe greta is looking out the window for the one that made those tracks. ramona

  3. It looks like what we use to see when our cougar was in the neighborhood. Here's a link to a good picture-scroll down below the deer entry.

    You guys be careful--those things will attack just for fun, and they aren't afraid. We had one get into the electric fence right outside the kitchen window early one morning when I was home alone. That was a sound I didn't forget for a long, long time.

    I've really enjoyed watching your house take shape!

  4. Could be Edward Cullen!! Exciting!!

  5. My MIL (who grew up off Rocky River Road) says its probably a bobcat...

    Susan Kelly

  6. HAHA- Adam's pic is hilarious. DOn't let the kids out by themselves!!

  7. That is a BIG cat or whatever it is. Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT let the kids outside without you and your gun Annie Oakley. How's your shot these days? Adam's picture is pretty funny. He should do a funny wildlife video with this. Love, Mom