Thursday, August 6, 2009


Stained and ready and needing windows. We wanted stained glass that was clear, watery glass with a lattice iron work, but it would cost around $300.00 and more than we could afford or would want to spend. I'm on the hunt to find something cheaper in price, but comparable to what we want. And we're thinking a dark silver/iron color for the hardware. Something else I need to look for....


  1. a stunning door! love your ideas!

  2. If you're still thinking stained glass, my father in law does it as a hobby and he's really good. If you wanted someone to make you 2 pieces, you could ask him. I wouldn't recommend him if he wasn't really good at it. If it's something you want to talk to him about, I can give you his email/phone. Hope this helps :) The house looks great btw!