Monday, August 24, 2009

Can you see it?

These is a picture of the type and color of kitchen cabinets we're going to order.

These are the old ones from the utility room that we're integrating in with the new ones.

Although cute and bold, this is NOT our kitchen. We did however just buy that kitchen sink at IKEA pictured above those cute little cheery little cherry curtains.
This is an 3D image of the kitchen island that we're going for. We've hired a friend of ours, Ryan, in Raleigh to build it for us. He worked with Adam at his previous job and is very skilled in this kind of woodworking. A couple things have changed though since another friend, Matt, drew this up for us. 1. There's going to be a 2-door cabinet underneath the sink. 2. The left hand cabinet will have a drawer above it. 3. It will have big ol' table legs on all of the corners. 4. AND there will be a bar area behind the sink. 5. And I'm thinking about painting it gray...6. I don't know about countertops yet though....

Lastly, the island really won't be an island at all. More like a peninsula that will jut up to the fireplace and hide that hideous cement job. We are keeping both walk-throughs open to the living room. As you look at this picture, the bar seating area will be the side that Adam is on and the cabinets, dishwasher and sink, will be on the other side. The wall to the right (not pictured, but it's the one with the window on it) will hold all of the other base and upper cabinets, stove, fridge and pantry. It'll basically be a galley kitchen except with 2 walk-throughs to minimize traffic and maximize on open space.


  1. My opinion (which I love to give even when not asked!) is that you not choose what color to do "the peninsula" until you know what you're doing for the counter tops. I kind of think keeping it white with black or grey granite countertops would look cool. Looks great so far! Love the sink!! So cool!!


  2. I love that sink from IKEA- what a great choice!

  3. i heart your cabinet choice. and i like kate's color opinion.

    (i will obey mommy, i will obey mommy)