Monday, June 27, 2011

Greta and Will's New Bedroom

We have a baby due August 3rd so my big kids (4 and 2.5) are moving on up in the world. More specifically, across the hallway. I've been working on transitioning this room from a guest room to a gender-neutral shared space for the past few months and have been really pleased with how it all came together.

Almost everything you see in this picture has been thrifted or given to us with the exception of a few things. Everything began with the rug that was given to us by some friends. It's kind of washed out in this picture, but you can see a clip of its multi-colored glory in the corner of the picture below. It really set the tone for drawing in all the colors so I didn't have to pick any one gender-neutral color. The antique spindle beds were bought on Craigslist. They were originally a dark brown wood and I spray painted them gray. The end tables were given to us a loooong time ago and I refreshed them with some cherry red spray paint from Walmart. I've owned the quilts for a long time but the blue quilt originally came from Target and the patchwork quilt on left came from Land of Nod. The step stools and buckets came from IKEA yesterday and the blue darkening drapes were on sale recently at Lowes. The kids silhouettes I traced, painted on burlap and framed them in the embroidery looms that I already had. It was our latest craft in craft club and my kids love them as much as I do.

This is the corner of the room as you walk in to your right. The white armoire was a hand-me-down given to us by my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We house all of the outgrown baby clothes in there since we are so limited on closet space in this house. The little vanity was 12 dollars at Goodwill and the bookshelf was 5 bucks at a pharmacy going out of business sale.

This is the corner of the room as you walk into it on your left. The dresser is one we bought a long time ago on Craigslist for $100 and refinished it. The mirror was $12 at Goodwill and the PBK beanbag moose was Will's Christmas gift when he turned one.

Greta kept sneaking in the pictures. :) Both kids slept in their new bedroom last night for the first time and Greta has told me twice this morning that she loves her new room. Success!

There are still a few IKEA nightlights to be mounted (pink flower for Greta and a blue star for Will), a light fixture over the naked bulb in the middle of the room (any cheap or DIY ideas would be appreciated!), a few unbreakable, bulletproof, wipeable accessories for their dresser to cute-sy it up a bit and then we'll be done!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Heart Maps

I saw this wreath tutorial the other day on Flowerpatch Farmgirl and decided to try my hand at it using an old atlas I recently picked up in a freebie box.
I used a combination of pennies and copper furniture brads as the centers of the flowers. I just hand cut out a bunch of hearts and didn't have a heart punch like the tutorial had used.

Here it is all tied up with burlap on my newly painted (Mediterranean blue by Valspar)
shutters! I salvaged some shuttered bi fold closet doors from a friend's neighbors garbage. Adam was embarrassed. Is he embarrassed now? I think not.

Lastly, I put some little Ikea plants in an old apple crate on top of a wooden box I hot glued some sawed off yardsticks to the front of. I think it looks kind of patriotic in a flag sort of way. Perfect for summertime!

French Curvy Dresser

For a while there, I was determined to get some organization in my hallway. I originally had some PB cubbies with plastic dollar store baskets that you could see all of my "haven't found a place for" things junk and it was overwhelming to say the least. After reading the 31 Days organization series from The Nester, I was inspired to gain my hallway back using a dresser. I found this on Craigslist listed for $75 after using words in the search engine like "french" and "provincial" and it had 12 drawers! Perfect for my junk. Love those legs...

And after a light sanding and some glossy white spray paint, I had this!
I distressed it lightly afterwards wherever there were paint blobs that didn't even out. Distressing stuff, even lightly, helps take some of the pressure off of being perfect when spraying. Usually I'm doing it on a napping-kids-timeline or kids-touching-my-newly-painted-things-timeline so either way, I don't have forever to be a perfectionist about paint blobs.

Close-up of my thrifted mirror collection. I love the gold and silver ones as is, but I'm not sure what to do with the wooden ones. Any color advice? The big white one is newly painted so I'll keep it that way.

A little twist on a DIY sunburst mirror. I superglued and hotglued old keys on some old Walmart candle holder mirrors I've had for a long time. Superglue worked best by the way.

To the left of the mirrors, above our bedroom doorway, I wanted to show you my Valentines Day present from Adam. He stayed after work a couple nights and welded up our anniversary date, 6-5-04. We celebrate 7 years on Sunday! :)

On the right hand side of the dresser is an old bucket lamp I spray painted cherry red and copied someones idea of their lampshade I found on a blog. All it took was removing the fabric and leaving the wire frame for the more industrial look. I like the funky look of it, but my energy efficient light bulb is not that pretty. I do love the open lighting it offers though in a dark hallway.

I've been working on a few other things including a summer mantle which I'll be posting later so maybe I'll be back in my good blogging graces soon. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Craft Night!

Once a month, there's a group of girls that get together to do a craft. We have a different hostess each month who chooses, organizes and teaches the craft. So far we've done fabric rosettes, glass painting, wreaths, and this month was button bracelets!

Beautiful girls and sisters, Katie Beth and Meagan. First timers of craft night and first timers of button sewing! It's what craft night is all about! Learning stuff for the first time.
(l-r) Dena, Holly (hostess), Ezra (Dena's baby) and Tiff getting their elastic and thread ready.

The fun part of picking out the buttons. Holly had it all arranged in beautiful glasses and bowls all separated by color so you could easily pick what scheme you wanted to come up with. I don't have a picture of mine, but I did mostly gold and navy with bits of yellow.

We had about 14 girls total including 6 first-timers. So fun. The way we arranged the night was Holly had pre-bought all of the buttons on Ebay and elastic which we divided the cost and paid her accordingly, about $8.00 a piece.

The finished product! Well, at least 2 of them. If you wanted to make your own, you need about 2-inch wide elastic and about 30 buttons. Cluster them closely as you sew them on so there is little to no empty space in between. They look like they came straight from a boutique!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Blog Without Pictures...

Fellow friends and reader, my camera has officially kicked the bucket. You won't be hearing from me very often because a blog without pictures is just not as cool. So unless I have something really intelligent to say or some amazing links to post, this might be it for a while. In the meantime, maybe I'll be crafting up a storm behind the scenes and will have lots to show you when I enter back into the blogosphere with a new camera in hand!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coconut Flakes, Turkey Feathers and Pink Window Panes

I had so much fun decking my Christmas mantle this year. It was fun to play around with different things I had around the house to make it all come together.

I'm sure you can deduce that coconut flakes mentioned in the title is what I used for the fake snow sprinkles. The letter N came from my picture gallery in the master bedroom and the other "letters" I just gathered from around my house.

Here is my pink window pane. Which started out as white. Then I painted red. Then I painted gold. Then I distressed it. Pink is what became of it.

I was trying to make it like this from PB...
You can't see them in the pictures, but their are strings of twine in between each pane that I nailed in to clip card on. These are just some of my favorite vintage-y ones I've received or collected over the years.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care. The garland came from the cypress trees in my backyard. I made some for the windows too in the living room. They were a cinch to make, but a week later they are crumbling under the slightest touch!

Some bottles I recently numbered from 1-6 with glass paint. The 2 and the 5 were perfect to use as we prepare for the 25th of December. Can you spot my turkey feather in the vase? The other day I looked out my back window to find 5 or 6 wild turkeys in my backyard! I was so excited to find proof of their visit!

Those giant stars are gigantic versions of what my Aunt Ramona taught me how to make while she visited a few weeks ago. I have 7 dangling above my head as I type away in the living room right now. I thought I was making snowflakes, but everyone that sees them talks about how they love my stars. So stars they are.

Maybe one day we'll have our fireplace wired up for gas logs (the chimney is capped off so it can't be wood burning) but in the mean time we can simulate a roasting hot fire with a bunch of tapered candles.

Merry Christmas! I'll be linking up to The Lettered Cottage "Merry Mantle Party" today so if you need any ideas, these girls are the ones to check out!

The Lettered Cottage

Free Christmas Cards from Shutterfly!

I agreed to do a little blog write-up in exchange for 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly! We are on a super tight budget and I considered forgoing cards this year, but this was a deal I couldn't pass up!

Shutterfly has sooo many options of their christmas cards and holiday cards to choose from. This was the one I liked best!My brother-in-law snapped some family pictures of us in my husband's new (yet old and "distressed") 1969 black Ford pickup so I thought the whole retro look of it all with this card would tie together nicely. Normally, back in the good ol' have hours of time to craft days I used to make all my Christmas cards. Alas, it doesn't really save any money and of course you spend tons of time putting them together. Mind you, I consider it a hobby, so it was a task I enjoyed, I just have too many things now that I want to enjoy! These photo cards are the epitome of easy and thoughtful.
We've also given calendars to grandparents and my parents complete with pictures for each month. They're always a hit!
By the way, if you are a blogger, you can participate too! Check it out here!